Are You Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts?

You have started a well planned diet and exercise routine. You are working very hard, exercising on time and eating healthy choices all week long.

But you aren’t losing any weight.

It begs the question, are you sabotaging your own weight loss efforts?

You could be!

Weight loss doesn’t come easy. If it was that easy, you would see no one with excessive weight when you go out. But it isn’t like that.

The truth is, many people fail at success simply because they sabotage their diets without knowing. If you are going through the same dilemma, we want to show you the things that actually ruining your progress.

You’re not careful with portions

One of the biggest reasons of weight loss sabotage is ignoring portion sizes. Even when eating healthy food, you still need to control the portions.

If you do not carefully measure how much you eat, healthy or not, it will stop you from losing weight.

Try to figure out the calorie count of whatever you are eating. This means even the tiniest bits like ketchup and tea. Everything you consume will add to the calories. So make sure no matter what you eat, you check the portion and the calories.

You’re not working out properly

Many people think that working out is all about pushing more and more at the gym. We’ve seen people lifting heavy weight and still not making any progress.

Want to know why?

It’s simple. Exercise is not about how much you do, it’s about how well you do it.

When you are in the gym and decide to lift weights, try your best to stay at a weight that is comfortable for you. At a comfortable weight, you are more likely to produce better results because without proper posture, exercise is not effective.

In some cases, not working out with the right posture can result in injuries which can be fatal too.

Make sure to hire a trainer so that you understand how to exercise properly and get the best results.

You are taking in the wrong supplements

Supplements are great. No matter what diet you follow, these can help you boost your efforts.

But with so many supplements available and the fake promises they make. It has become increasingly hard to find the right stuff that gets you results.

We recommend using natural supplements which are made from 100% natural ingredients. These supplements include, such as the green coffee beans or garcinia cambogia for weight loss.

You are cheating too much

Cheating is bad for your diet. Even if it’s just a bite, a bite of cake can be the reason why you aren’t seeing progress.

In order to stop unnecessary cravings, try to limit your cheats to a single meal. This meal must be taken only once a week with controlled portion.

No matter what happens, do not cheat otherwise. Cheating on your diet is one of the biggest reasons why so many people just fail outright and see no progress.